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Organisation Structure and Team Members

1. Successful team creates a successful tour. African Angel Tours offers the personal hands-on approach. We deal with each visitor as part of the family.

2. Luke Angel holds a degree in political science and international relations (Wits). He is currently working in partnership and strategic alliance with Grassroots Tourism. Luke began marketing South Africa in the early 1990’s, representing South African arts and crafts products in Trade shows in Germany, France and Italy. Over the past eight years he has focused on the United States market and has built up an extensive business network and client base in California, especially within the African-American community.

3. Luke and his team have dedicated their lives to dismantling racial myths, borders and fears: believing and actively gearing all their business operations to the philosophy that cultural exchanges are the best way to build relations across the social, economic and political divides.

4. AAT believes that black economic empowerment and the support of small and medium business should be the core focus of their endeavours to grow tourism to South Africa. It is furthermore significant, that within these products and experiences lies the true jewels of the South African Experience. Literally a world in one country, South Africa is more than a BIG 5 animal kingdom; in fact it offers potentially the largest portfolio of special interest tourist activities in the world! The aim is to expose the visitor to all these possibilities under a predominantly year round sunny sky and the awesome Southern Cross starlit skyline by night

1. The ultimate aim is to not facilitate more low skilled jobs in an industry dominated by a few established big-business players. AAT believes the whole point is to empower talented previously disadvantaged tourist business individuals to reach out and offer their product and services to the tourist and thus directly benefit from the growing volume of tourist trade to South Africa. By virtue of the incredible Rainbow people, world renowned for their hospitality and humanity, AAT believes tourism to South Africa should focus on cultural exchanges and offer the opportunity to the visitor to rub shoulders with the locals: thus contributing to this new “Tourism Way”. The visitor and the new tourist product of South Africa have the potential to build “the Better life for all” (Nelson Mandela Feb., 1994) in South Africa: AND portray South Africa as it really is. AAT USA Inc. will thus be the vehicle to exploit this dynamic niche in the expanding tourism market.

1. Conclusion. Collectively Luke and his team are focused on expanding the tourism industry to South – and Southern Africa AND growing an understanding - and experience of the visitor to South Africa to become more than a “bus window” experience. Building on their extensive international business and client connections, South and Southern African networks into the community development, craft production and tourism industries, incredible and diverse tourist attractions: their intimate knowledge of the high expectations of international consumers of cultural products, AAT is developing an exciting new generation of South African cultural tourism packages which will include the mainstream “Must see” attractions: but will include true Journeys of the Mind: into “Must do” experiences. After years of directly marketing South African products overseas, the team has the knowledge and experience of how to use cultural tourism to build bridges between our country and others, opening up those elusive trade linkages that really mean economic empowerment for poor communities. It is the objective of all partners to redefine tourism: both for the visitor to South Africa, exposing them to the country as it is, as well as their interaction and with South Africans themselves as the hosts.

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From the epic views of Table Mountain to the bustling streets below, Cape Town welcomes you.

See the big five and touch the soul of the African Wilderness.

Move beyond the bus window experience and connect with the people of South Africa.
Meet the proud Zulu, and Xhosa Nation.

African Angel Tours acts as an intermediary
to assist community-based micro-enterprises
Promoting responsible and sustainable tourism in South Africa

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