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Why Study Abroad with African Angel Tours


African Angel Tours will perform the following tasks,

  • The design of the itinerary based on the special interests put forward by the visiting University and professors. This will involve a three way communication between African Angel Tours, the team leader of the international study group and The University of Cape Town.
  • Once the basic itinerary has been agreed upon, African Angel Tours will put forward a breakdown of all costs involved.
  • The itinerary will include accommodation, transportation and day trips. Meals will be included on request.
  • The University of Cape Town provides academic impute and in partnership with African Angel Tours, will present a final itinerary.
  • Student travel is very much price conscious, and AAT will ensure the final price is competitive and good value for money.
  • AAT will utilise the accommodation and all facilities available from UCT wherever possible.
  • AAT will utilise faculties at UCT for its own Study Abroad Student Programmes which have been running for the last 7 years, booking directly with AAT.


  • For the last 7 years AAT has run numerous successful Study Abroad Programmes for various International universities, colleges and schools across the USA.
  • In South Africa AAT has mainly focused in the Western Cape and Gauteng areas – the most popular regions of visiting groups. We are well connected and familiar with these areas.
  • Our price structures are highly competitive to support the low budget student pocket. For example, all safaris in the Kruger Park will include all meals, entrance fees, transfers from Johannesburg and game drives at very good prices.
  • AAT is a pioneer in Sustainable Volunteer & Community Tourism, and can facilitate a short term community experience which mutually benefits both the International student and local community. We have worked with the best volunteer programmes throughout South Africa and have accumulated the most reliable experiences through trial and error over the last 7 years.
  • Security of our students is our number one priority and AAT will never risk endangering the safety and well-being of our young visitors.
  • We have in place top quality travel insurance policies which cover volunteer students in the disadvantaged communities of South Africa.


  • AAT has managed numerous Study Abroad Programmes in South Africa with the overview that the most important credentials when running a programme should include the following:
  • Highly qualified, experienced and multi-lingual tour guides in all provinces visited.
  • Registered and fully insured transport companies with experienced drivers in areas concerned. Public Driving Permits will be held by all drivers utilised.
  • Qualified day guides will conduct all cultural and educational excursions.
  • Night guides will accompany the students through Cape Town’s night life and not sign off until the last student is back in their accommodation.
  • Luke Angel will personally meet and greet all arriving groups and manage the tour daily to ensure the smooth running of the programme. He will be in constant communication with the group leader/professors to maintain feedback and deal with any problems which may arise.
  • All students will receive a complementary gift from AAT.


Our experience in planning and managing the design, price and daily running of the itinerary.

  • AAT has managed numerous short term Study Abroad Programmes mainly from California, USA and has repeat business from all concerned institutions. The success will always be measured in the final response of the group and professors, manifested in annual returning programmes.
  • The main objective is a long term relationship with the various international universities to ensure an annual set programme which allows a sustainable relationship with the communities.

Systems and Processes to Manage and execute the Study Abroad Programmes

  • AAT has long term relationships with the tour and travel industry. This involves reliable guides, transportation and unique managerial skills to ensure the smooth daily running of the group. We have managed very large groups of up to 500 passengers.

Detailed Planning

  • All aspects of the itinerary are double and triple checked with suppliers to ensure no delays and unhappy clients. The programme must be signed off by the relevant professors ensuring all details are confirmed with all parties.

Contingency Plans

  • In travel one always needs a good plan B and C to ensure there are no problems if unforeseen circumstances arise. This will separate the good from a bad tour operator.

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From the epic views of Table Mountain to the bustling streets below, Cape Town welcomes you.

See the big five and touch the soul of the African Wilderness.

Move beyond the bus window experience and connect with the people of South Africa.
Meet the proud Zulu, and Xhosa Nation.

African Angel Tours acts as an intermediary
to assist community-based micro-enterprises
Promoting responsible and sustainable tourism in South Africa

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