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Volunteer Projects

AAT facilitates sustainable long-term relationships between the educational institution and the South African based community project. AAT first targeted a community project in Dennilton, Mpumalanga namely Youth with a Vision (YWAV). We have a 5 year ongoing relationship with YWAV and have brought numerous study groups to this community. As Dennilton is en route to Kruger National Park this will ensure a flowing itinerary. AAT is instrumental in matching the skills of the students to the needs of YWAV.

All Study Abroad Programmes will therefore spend 3 – 7 nights in the community project and 2 – 4 nights on safari in the Mpumalanga province. AAT is happy to work with local ground handlers and accommodation suggested by MTPA. We hope to support the previously disadvantage individual (PDI) together with small and medium enterprises (SMME). AAT will appreciate suggestions for an authentic cultural experience to be included in our itineraries.

At this point, we have identified four projects that will also benefit from volunteer work. These schools are found within 50KM from the Kruger Parks Orpen gate.
These projects have been selected in order to offer volunteers with different skills the opportunity to experience and develop the community they participate in. Not every volunteer may be physically strong enough to take part in building operations, so we have provided alternative activities.
The projects have been chosen with two criteria in mind:

Urgency of needs and safety of our volunteers:
AAT has had personal contacts with each project through various previous involvements with the principals of the establishments. We have personally been to the schools and parishes and have first-hand knowledge of the status quo of all four projects. While there are many more potential projects in Acornhoek, indeed all over South Africa, we have selected these projects because we know that they are in need of assistance. Once these needs have been satisfied, we may well include additional worthy projects in the future.

Safety considerations for our volunteers are paramount:
We have checked out any potential trouble-spots and will be monitoring the situation constantly. All four projects are located in areas where there have been no previous security problems. Our staff will drive all volunteers to the project localities and will remain with the volunteers all day. The communities appreciate the benefits that they are enjoying through the work of our volunteers. They will also do everything in their power to ensure that all volunteers are made to feel very welcome and that no harm befalls them.

AAT’s previous experience in uplifting local communities has been noted and we are aware that the generosity of our volunteers is truly appreciated by the members of the communities.
The objective is twofold: the involvement of the student in these projects will not only be of great practical value to the beneficiaries but will also provide a truly wonderful sense of fulfilment to the volunteer. AAT is instrumental in matching the skills of the students to the needs of the community.


Next Aid is a Los Angeles based non-profit organization dedicated to creating sustainable solutions for African children orphaned as a result of AIDS.

NextAid actively links artists, musicians and the global community with some of the most impoverished and vulnerable children on the planet. By partnering with other organizations in the production of music benefits and awareness raising activities, NextAid channels emergency and long-term aid to African children in need.


  • Globally, 42 million humans currently live with AIDS, 28 million are in Africa.
  • 8,000 people die everyday from AIDS, 6500 of them are in Africa alone.
  • Of the 15 million children in the world who have been orphaned by AIDS, 95% are in Africa.
  • At the current rate of infection, by the year 2010, there will be an estimated 40 million orphaned children worldwide.
  • In South Africa, over 26% of the population is HIV positive.
  • Child-headed household' is an official population category in South Africa.

Thembani Primary School Volunteer Program

Thembani Primary School in Langa is sixty-five years old and forging ahead under the leadership of a proactive principal. Historical disadvantages saw a steady deterioration in the condition of the school and subsequent despair on the part of the community, staff and parents.

In recent years, however, the school began to put things right. Their Khanya computer laboratory is a sophisticated tool that enhances curriculum delivery. ICT skills give learners greater access to study resources, and better employment prospects for the future.After extensive renovations and security installations the school now enjoys the support of a Khanya Curriculum Facilitator and is well on the road to fulfilling the Thembani motto: Strive for excellence!

School Details: (as at 2011-03-11)





Project Stage:

Curriculum delivery


Primary School

Number of PCs:






Learner/PC Ratio:



Linda Ngesi


A learner discovering the
curriculum through

Teacher in Computer lab
A lesson taking place in
the laboratory

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