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Mission Statement

The New African Experience

African Angel Tours is no ordinary tourism company. It is premised upon socially and ecologically responsible tourism, and supports African community development. We have been facilitating groups and individuals to South Africa for the last 9 years.

Nedebele artwork

African Angel Tours runs two separate divisions:

  1. Four and five star groups who seek an authentic African experience beyond the bus window experience. We regularly conduct groups from 2 to 500 people on a package deal around South Africa. The groups are always booked under one group leader and we do not put random strangers on group tours. We supply accommodation, flights, food, transport and exciting day trips. These are customised itineraries to facilitate the special needs and interests of the group. The package is tailor made to fit the group. Generally these groups run from 2 and 4 weeks on the ground and most of our groups are from the USA - California. We also have steady groups from Italy and Eastern Europe. There is a qualified guide with the group at all times. We offer various language speaking guides if requested.

Luke Angel  and Lutendo Lishiva with Esther Mahlangu

  1. We annually run 10 groups of Student Study Abroad Programmes from the USA – California. The student and professors take part in educational volunteer and study programmes, which runs for 30 – 90 days in South Africa. We work with the local community to run various programs and projects which benefit both the community and students. These universities return every year. The groups run from 10 – 60 students at a time.

African Angel Tours has all the necessary insurance and legal support offered by the Tourism Industry. We can also supply testimonials and trade references from current groups who have travelled with AAT.
Today, one can sense the pride felt by South Africans of every colour following their miraculous transformation from an Apartheid state to one that embraces the ideals and hopes of a full democracy.African Angel Tours seek to share this New African Experience through cultural exchanges that honour and support the emerging Black African Renaissance.
Santa Monica Collage - Cape of Good Hope

African Angel tours draws upon a wealth of expertise and experience to fulfill your African dreams. The team has an intimate knowledge of the people and places in South Africa. They know where and how to take you in style to the classic destinations, as well as those off the beaten track.Whether you are seeking adventure, history, or just relaxation, we offer innovative South African tours individually tailored to your specific interests, time frames, and budgets. Let us share with you this fascinating country with its vigorous cultural and political life and spectacular flora, fauna and landscapes.
African Angel Tours designs and manages innovative tourism packages focused on the niche area of cultural exchanges. Our tours are not only about getting tourists to the nearest game park in an air-conditioned bus. They are about enabling visitors to reach out and connect with our unique society, to dig their hands into African soil, for an experience that will change their lives and their attitudes to the continent.

AAT believes that our rich cultural heritage and diversity is our primary strength in the international tourism industry. Game parks and wildlife is a huge draw card, but we find the cultural and human interactions are the memories which stand out in the African Experience.

Every group that has passed through South Africa with AAT has been a group of changed individuals. We have witnessed in practice how cultural exchanges have filled social voids in both cultures. Culturally focused tourists go home more aware and well-rounded, with eyes opened to the realities of the world, and the possibilities of making a personal contribution to changing these realities. These are South Africa’s most valuable emissaries. They carry home the message that South Africa offers not just beautiful natural landscapes, but rich cultural, political and historical landscapes as well.

Eastern Illinous University - Apartheid Museum

African Angel Tours seeks to share this New African Experience through cultural exchanges that honour and support the emerging black African Renaissance. AAT acts as an intermediary to assist community-based micro-enterprises and promotes responsible and sustainable tourism in South Africa. It is geared towards the upliftment of underprivileged communities.


Township OrphenSustainable development is the practice of building, developing and utilizing available resources so that they are either continually renewed or preserved for use by future generations.
African Angel Tours is dedicated to building the South African dream. We have dedicated our lives to dismantling racial myths, borders and fears. We have always believed that cultural exchanges are the best way to build relations across the social, economic and political divides that our societies have established. We started our relationship by experimenting with utilizing music as a means to cut through cultural prejudices. AAT takes these beliefs and initiatives to the next level.

AAT believes that black economic empowerment should be the core focus of South African tourism. The aim is not to have a few more low skilled jobs in an industry dominated by a few traditional big-business players. The whole point is to empower previously disadvantaged individuals to start businesses that can directly benefit from the growing volume of tourist trade. We believe tourism focused on cultural exchanges makes the greatest contribution to this goal.


  1. Our experience in planning and managing the design, price and daily running of the itinerary.

AAT has managed numerous short term Study Abroad Programmes mainly from California, USA and has repeat business from all concerned institutions. The success will always be measured in the final response of the group and Professors, manifested in annual returning programmes.

The main objective is a long term relationship with the various international universities to ensure an annual set programme which allows a sustainable relationship with the communities.

  1. Systems and Processes to Manage and execute the Study Abroad Programmes

AAT has long term relationships with the tour and travel industry. This involves reliable guides, transportation and unique managerial skills to ensure the smooth daily running of the group. We have managed very large groups of up to 500 passengers.

  1. Detailed Planning

All aspects of the itinerary are double and triple checked with suppliers to ensure no delays and unhappy clients. The programme must be signed off by the relevant professors ensuring all details are confirmed with all parties.

  1. Contingency Plans

In travel one always needs a good plan B and C to ensure there are no problems if unforeseen circumstances arise. This will separate the good from a bad tour operator.

Tour Videos

AAT Promotional Video

Santa Monica College Students
Help Out in South Africa

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From the epic views of Table Mountain to the bustling streets below, Cape Town welcomes you.

See the big five and touch the soul of the African Wilderness.

Move beyond the bus window experience and connect with the people of South Africa.
Meet the proud Zulu, and Xhosa Nation.

African Angel Tours acts as an intermediary
to assist community-based micro-enterprises
Promoting responsible and sustainable tourism in South Africa

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